Free Safety 1997-2000

Where Are They Now.

I am originally from Columbus, NE and now reside in the Elkhorn/Omaha area.   I have been a volunteer football coach for three years with the EVW Football Program and have lots of fun coaching the kids.  I was a starting Blackshirt free safety and graduated in 2001 from UNL.  I have since started my own business (T7 Fitness, LLC)  and am a Functional Movement Specialist that works with a wide range of clientele, including youth and high school athletes, to help them better develop movement patterns to offset injuries, enhance strength, speed and athleticism.

Why I this Chose Recipe -The Conqueror All Natural Breakfast Burrito

I am all about homemade meals and that includes breakfast--the most important meal of the day. I am in the health field and believe that eating more natural and less chemical/ingredients in our foods. This recipe is a creative design of mine. Hope others enjoy it as well!!!