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Why I Chose this Recipe -Mama B’s Hearty Lasagna

Rex’s mom Robyn tells us about her lasagna recipe:

For many years, my sons would come home from football practice with a huge appetite and often times, with friends in tow.  My hearty lasagna, paired with salad and garlic bread, was a household favorite that helped refuel their caloric needs!

rex and jackCharity - Team Jack Foundation

The Team Jack Foundation was founded by the family of Jack Hoffman, the 9-year old Nebraska boy who is best known for his friendship with Rex Burkhead and his 69-yard ESPY winning touchdown run in the 2013 Nebraska spring game. The Team Jack Foundation raises money to fund pediatric brain cancer research and works to create national awareness for the disease. As of January 2015, the Team Jack movement has raised nearly $2 million for pediatric brain cancer research. The Team Jack Foundation is working with world-renowned researchers, directly, to develop relevant and impactful research initiatives.

For more information on the Team Jack Foundation, please visit www.teamjackfoundation.org.

Rex Burkhead's Recipe-Mama B’s Hearty Lasagna


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