Offensive Lineman 2010-2013

Where Are They Now.

Since leave Nebraska I was an undrafted free agent rookie with the San Diego Chargers last year that was ok practice squad for the first 12 weeks. I then was activate roster for the last 5 and ended up playing in the last 2 and starting in the last 1 of the season. I am back with the Chargers now for the offseason program and am working hard to make the active roster again.

Why I Chose this Recipe - Elegant Elk Birds

The reason for the recipe choice was because it was dear to myself and my family and I knew it would be unique. You make it with Elk and Deer and I know Nebraskans love to eat some deer meat! I thought it would be a fun way to show off that I am an outdoorsman as well.

Charity -Tyson’s Treasure Chest