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Where Are They Now.

Chuck played for Nebraska starting in 1997, where he was recruited as a punter / kicker. After getting his degree in Civil Engineering, he pursued professional football where he had brief stints with NFL teams as well as playing for the CFL, NFL Europe, Arena, and currently for a semi-professional team called the Midwest Rampage. He still plays as I love kicking, but his favorite part is taking road trips with his biggest supporter—his wife. Since his professional football career ended, he moved into the energy field where he’s a Unit Supervisor for a Nuclear Power Plant in Brownsville NE. He is one of approximately 5000 individuals in the United States that has a Senior Reactor Operator’s License granted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Why I Chose this Recipe - Lucy’s Italian Pizza Sauce

The recipe I choose was Lucy’s pizza sauce as my neighbors and myself were some of her test subjects. Lucy would make up pizzas and then have us try them to tell her what we thought. From there she would tweak the sauce until this masterpiece was born. The best part about the process was / is the memories we are making by having the tasting parties. These tasting parties brought all of us together and strengthened our friendships.  All my neighbors are awesome cooks with lots of unique recipes but the fact that I’m addicted to pizza definitely gave the sauce an edge. I would like to thank my wife, the Cavanuaghs, Hoffmans, and Lachnitts, for all the great times, great food, and support.

My Connection to My Charity - Pug Partners of Nebraska

Pug Partners is my charity as they try to place pugs that have been abused into loving homes. My pug “Piggy” makes my heart feel warm anytime I think about her. My goal by representing Pug Partners is to help them find homes or receive financing to help make the abused pugs get the same warmth from humans.

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