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Patrick Tyrance

pat_tyrance_thumbWhy I Chose this Recipe -Lemon-Lime Mahi Mahi

Having three family members, including my father die at an early age over an eighteen-month period from cancer, complications of diabetes and heart disease caused me to pause and closely evaluate my life and how I was living.  Indeed my own health was not where I wanted it to be which was ironic given I my chosen profession as a healthcare provider.  Life events and the increasing poor health of patients I was seen has led to lifestyle changes including more mindful and healthy eating.  This recipe is as healthy as it is delicious!

Newt Lingenfelter


Why I Chose this Recipe - Husker Breakfast

My great grandma Lula (1900 – 2006) raised three boys, two of which were on the Nebraska football team before they went to WWII.  She had two grandsons who played for Nebraska and two great grandsons were Husker Football players as well.  She cooked with lard.  All of us health freaks know how much it must have shortened her life (she died young at 106).  Anyway I cook breakfast for my future huskers the same way she cooked for her boys.


Brenden Stai

Brenden_Stai_thumbWhy I Chose this Recipe -Meatball Subs with Oven Fries

Meatball sandwiches are my "go to"recipe anytime I'm asked to cook something. My wife and I love to cook. I'm not real good at it but she certainly has taught me the ropes. I have a lot of friends who are cooks and I'm a vested shareholder of restaurants in Lincoln....Lazlo's and Fireworks. If I could be anything in this world it certainly would be a great cook so I try my best and when I do get to cook it's usually influenced by my "SEEFOOD" diet, ie I see food and eat it. Meatball sandwiches are really great to make for a lot of people. They don't take a long time and the kiddos eat them up.

Jeremiah Sirles

Jeremiah_Sirles_thumbWhere Are They Now.

Since leaving Nebraska I was an undrafted free agent rookie with the San Diego Chargers last year that was ok practice squad for the first 12 weeks. I then was activate roster for the last 5 and ended up playing in the last 2 and starting in the last 1 of the season. I am back with the Chargers now for the offseason program and am working hard to make the active roster again.

Why I Chose this Recipe - Elegant Elk Birds

The reason for the recipe choice was because it was dear to myself and my family and I knew it would be unique. You make it with Elk and Deer and I know Nebraskans love to eat some deer meat! I thought it would be a fun way to show off that I am an outdoorsman as well.