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Rex Burkhead

Rex_Burkhead_thumbWhy I Chose this Recipe -Mama B’s Hearty Lasagna

Rex’s mom Robyn tells us about her lasagna recipe:

For many years, my sons would come home from football practice with a huge appetite and often times, with friends in tow.  My hearty lasagna, paired with salad and garlic bread, was a household favorite that helped refuel their caloric needs!

Charity - Team Jack Foundation


Jason Schwab

Jason_schwabWhy I Chose This Recipe - Emma Schwab’s German Potato Salad

The foundation of this recipe was brought over to the United States in the early 1900s when my grandmother, Emma Schwab, immigrated from Germany.  My mother has since added her flavor to the recipe and it serves as the centerpiece to all cookouts and Schwab family gatherings.

Troy Watchorn

Troy_WatchornWhere Are They Now.

I am originally from Columbus, NE and now reside in the Elkhorn/Omaha area.   I have been a volunteer football coach for three years with the EVW Football Program and have lots of fun coaching the kids.  I was a starting Blackshirt free safety and graduated in 2001 from UNL.  I have since started my own business (T7 Fitness, LLC)  and am a Functional Movement Specialist that works with a wide range of clientele, including youth and high school athletes, to help them better develop movement patterns to offset injuries, enhance strength, speed and athleticism.

Why I this Chose Recipe -The Conqueror All Natural Breakfast Burrito

I am all about homemade meals and that includes breakfast--the most important meal of the day. I am in the health field and believe that eating more natural and less chemical/ingredients in our foods. This recipe is a creative design of mine. Hope others enjoy it as well!!!


D.J. Jones

DJ_JonesWhere Are They Now.

After a two year stint in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, and Philadelphia Eagles, I decided it was time to leave the game of football behind. As the opportunity to play professionally was still an option, it was a personal decision to walk away from the game. After facing injury which required a spine surgery, I moved to California and began using my education earlier than anticipated.

Developing a youth development and team building company was my first endeavor, before taking a position at the historic Los Angeles Crenshaw High School as manager of the tutoring program. Now, making life better for people with disabilities, I have been working for an agency which does just that. OC Adult Achievement Center creates independence and confidence while developing the talents of the mentally and physically disabled population of Orange County.


Why I Chose This Recipe -Pancake-Batter Breaded Chicken Strips

This recipe was created by my father in an effort to make homemade chicken strips. This was a childhood memory from middle school that I never forgot! After realizing he didn't have any flour, my father decided the best alternative would be pancake mix.

The recipe worked out well and I never viewed chicken strips the same ever again! This recipe is a soft yet crunchy, hard yet fluffy, delightful treat which can be used as an appetizer, or main dish.

Charity -Developing Relationships through Education, Athletics and Mentoring (D.R.E.A.M.)