Interview with Big Red Recipes Husker Chef Zach Potter

z4Zach Potter has been very involved with the project from day one. He was our second guest on the show as well as getting involved with our TV spot on KMTV and in our dinner we will be cooking for Ronald McDonald House. See what he has to say about his experience with the book and show.

Big Red Recipes: Why did you decide to get involved with Big Red Recipes?

Zach: The main reason I got involved with the BRR was to support a great cause here in Omaha, Ronald McDonald House of Omaha. I also enjoy cooking and wanted to be able to share my recipe with all of the great Husker fans who hopefully purchase the book.

BRR: What has been your favorite part about being involved so far?

Zach: I really enjoyed being a part of the television show. That was a lot of fun talking about the recipe and seeing how it paired with a certain drink. Also the taste test was a lot of fun and learning about the different kinds of sweet potatoes and how each of them is different.

EPISODE 2 - Zach Potter

BRR: What response have you gotten from being in the book and on the show?

Zach: I have gotten a lot of slack from people telling me that I am not the cook in the house, which may or may not be true but I do enjoy being in the kitchen from time to time. I think people are excited to see what all of the different recipes from all of the different groups of people.

BRR: What advice do you have for other former Huskers about possibly getting involved with future books?

Zach: The best thing about the book is not only meeting new people while working on a project like this but also knowing that all sales are going toward a good cause--a good cause that you get to choose which makes it more personal to your charity and yourself.


Sweet_Potatoe_CasseroleZach Potter Supports - Ronald McDonald House of Omaha

Zach Potter's Recipe -The Potters’ Famous Sweet Potato Casserole

You can get Zach's recipe and many more buy purchasing Big Red Recipes Cookbook. 

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