Interview with Big Red Recipes Husker Chef DeMoine Adams

DeMoine_AdamsDeMoine Adams has supported Big Red Recipes from day one. As a member of TeamMates, it was a natural fit for DeMoine to get on board and help promote the book and the cooking show to raise awareness and funds for the TeamMates organization. Here is some more from the always eloquent Mr. Adams:


Big Red Recipes: Why did you decide to get involved with Big Red Recipes?

DeMoine: From working with Angela in the past, she does a great job of positioning former football players with great networking opportunities with businesses and even the community so when I was contacted by her to participate in this project, it was a YES for those reasons. Other reasons - I LOVE TO COOK and I LOVE TO EAT, and what better way to reconnect with other Husker players than to show off our cooking skills in a competition fashion!

BRR: What has been your favorite part about being involved so far?

DeMoine: The opportunity to be a part of something that isn't about me or being a former Husker, but to give back and support non-profits with other former Huskers.

EPISODE 4 - DeMoine Adams

BRR: Describe your appearance on the Big Red Kitchen Show. What did you enjoy most about it?

DeMoine: It was great! The setup was very professional, the interview was very engaging and fun, and the opportunity to showcase the recipe from scratch and show the audience the results put the icing on the cake!

BRR: What response have you gotten from being in the book and on the show?

DeMoine: Nothing but positive comments and how cool it is to be featured with other former Huskers giving back by sharing their favorite recipes and dishes! With the show being uploaded on YouTube, it gives the fans another way to connect with former players like myself after football.

BRR: What advice do you have for other former Huskers about possibly getting involved with future books?

DeMoine: You have nothing to lose by staying connected to other former players and sharing the next phase of your life after football. Husker fans will forever love the Huskers, on and off the field, and what better way to give back after receiving so much love from wearing that N on your helmet.

DeMoine_Adams_wingsDeMoine Adams Supports - TeamMates

DeMoine Adams's Recipe - Home Sweet Home Chicken WingsY

You can get DeMoine's recipe and many more buy purchasing Big Red Recipes Cookbook. 

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